Not installing the correct smoke alarms can cost landlords a fine, exemplary damages of up to $4000 Under Schedule 1A of the Residential Tenancies Act Section 45(1A)


Not all smoke alarms are created equal, are yours compliant?

Photoelectric or Ionisation ? what does this mean

Unfortunately, not all smoke alarms are created equal. This is due to two various types of sensors that exist for detecting fire and smoke. Those two sensors are called “photoelectric” and “ionization” sensors, and they both sense very different types of smoke  and fire.

Basically, photoelectric sensors are good for sensing smoldering fires, which are fires that are slow-burning  and don’t have a lot of flames. Ionization fires are for detecting fast fires with loads of flames.

Why use a professional

So why use a professional ???

Why use a professional when I can do it myself? or why can’t my Property manager just push the button to test if its working? These are a few of the questions we hear constantly

While you certainly can do it yourself, one has to ask am I making sure that I am covering all of the requirements and placing myself in the best position should something go wrong?

Just Property service offers a Smoke Alarm PLAN* to make sure all your Legal obligations are met.

  • We place up to two FREE smoke alarms if required
  • We Visit the property annually to service and check your smoke alarms
  • We visit the property when there is a change of tenancy to check and service smoke alarms for FREE
  • We visit to replace batteries if required or replace faulty smoke alarms at no cost to you, with good quality alkaline batteries or new smoke alarm
  • Your smoke alarms are tested with a decibel meter and dust cleaned out with compressed air to ensure optimum performance
  • We supply a professional report at each visit
  • We keep all records on file with photographs so you have proof of what was installed should things ever go wrong

We offer a one off service or *The Plan


Call 03 331 6906 or email:

Just property services offers two different solutions for smoke alarms. Our smoke alarm service is $86.35 for a once off visit (includes supply and installation of up to two compliant smoke alarms, additional smoke alarms charged at $25) does not include the below services that are included in the annual plan.
Good quality 10 year certified Photoelectric smoke alarms that meet compliance with sealed battery 
Smoke alarms under warranty are replaced for free, however a call out fee for labour may apply.



$79 to join the Annual smoke alarm plan. (includes as many call outs to the property as required see below for further details)

We use good quality 10 year certified Photoelectric smoke alarms that meet compliance with sealed battery 

We provide up to two new smoke alarms for compliance (additional alarms required at $25 ea)

We visit the property at every change of tenancy to test and service the smoke alarms

We replace faulty smoke alarms for free with no call out or labour fee

We replace smoke alarm batteries at no charge with good quality alkaline batteries.

We visit the property for free for the annual smoke alarm check and service the alarms.



The plan is annual and once on the plan you will not need to do anything further, we will contact you when it is time for the annual check to let you know and get current tenant details, we will arrange the visit with the tenants and provide you with the updated report. All properties are automatically re-enrolled and invoiced annually unless otherwise notified to ensure your property remains compliant year in and year out.


Faulty smoke alarms, ie beeping, just send us an email or work order and we will arrange a visit with your tenants to check and service the smoke alarm and provide you a report all at NO CHARGE!