We offer a Superior cleaning service at affordable prices, quality workmanship guaranteed.

Your carpets may look clean on top but what is lurking underneath, make sure your carpets don’t only look clean but that they are hygienically clean too! Carpet cleaning helps get rid of dust mites, dead skin, germs, allergens, fungal spores and mite faeces.

We clean carpets with professional machines and the right chemicals to clean your carpets,  did you know that regular cleaning can extend the life of your carpets, trapped dirt causes extra wear and tear on your carpets. 

We also treat stains, we do our very best to remove the stains that can be removed, some stains however can not be removed and we may only be able to lighten them. We advise that should something be spilled that will leave a stain that we attend as soon as possible to try and remove the stain with professional commercial chemicals. We do not advise trying to scrub the carpet or treat with domestic chemicals as some domestic chemicals may just help set the stain. The best thing to do is dilute the stain with water and blot with clean paper towels and get a professional to attempt further cleaning. 

There are many reasons to have your carpets cleaned  weather you want them to look cleaner, or you want to feel comfortable with the little ones or grandchildren crawling around on them, you may want to rent or sell your property, or have hay fever or allergies, you may want to try and get rid of a stubborn smell. Whatever the reason we are here to help find a solution that works for you. 

Our machines use a hot water spray extraction technique to penetrate and clean your carpets, we have further steam machines that we use to spot treat certain types of stains and stubborn marks. 

We guarantee quality and professional workmanship with the best machines and environmentally friendly chemicals.

Domestic properties; for larger than average rooms a surcharge of between $10 and 30 will apply depending on the size of the room. 

Commercial properties will be quoted.